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milestone is almost reached

21:53 27.04.2014
milestone is almost reached

I am still here, in Starkville. The first semester is going to finish. It was full of general courses and I really feel I become more professional in something general :) The study is going to be a little bit hectic, as it is right now. I would like to notice how I will be changing throughout my study, how my language and perception will change. There are so many things developing in this period. I suppose the next four-five years will be all about change. Maybe that is the reason why people remember the college days with, even through we hate it in the process (I really do)

By the way, I must accept the fact, I do not have much time for drawing. All my materials stay untouched, however, I never forget how to use them, and am never going to. Nevertheless, I still think that art will be part of my life, maybe a hobby, maybe monetized hobby. I would like it to be monetized. Why? Because it would be global. Art needs to be global, otherwise, it is not art but minute entertainment. It is not bad, but it is not quite about my nature.

I just wanted to remind about myself really and to fulfill my inspiration from reading English composition book before starting my final essay. The last sentense I would like to say just for the history: I really wish to finish my education. I want to be professional but no longer amateur.

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