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Second year emotions. Panel proposals

20:05 06.09.2014
Second year emotions. Panel proposals

Still I cannot believe that I am in this school studying Architecture. I cannot believe that I crossed this threshold of summer vacations and started my second year. I cannot believe that my crazy dream about working in collaboration with Building Construction Science people came true. I cannot believe we are creating a real building this semester.
It seems that there is nothing more natural than going to the second year after the first one, but not in my case. Since last four to five years (maybe less) I change schools each year. The feeling of starting the second year is awesome. I am looking forward to completing the second year and starting the third one! What is interesting, during the first year study seems to be incredibly long, while now I feel that diploma is not so far me! Maybe it comes with skills and responsibility. And i am truly happy for this!
Amazing, that education in USA I imagined to be a constant collaboration with BCS guys; however, when I came, my teachers told me that only two schools in USA offer this kind of program. Interesting, how true is it? Anyway, I am happy to be in one of those schools.
So far I have not much to say about the process, maybe emotions do not form so fast. Our small buildings, which will be wheelchair accessible restrooms in a local Golf Course, will have a panelized envelope. Right now we are working on proposals for the panel design, and I wish to show you a few of them.



The last image is the render of the entire wall and how it should look like

Looking forward to updating about the progress :)

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